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Video: Jose Mourinho Hits Little Boy in London For Recording With Mobile

Kickbola.net Video: Jose Mourinho gets caught shoving schoolboy on camera.

Jose Mourinho Pushing 14-year-old Schoolboy in London

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho can’t seem to get all the focus and attention from the media away from him for the past few months.

He has been at the centre of numerous controversies. The former Real Madrid manager was fined £50,000 by the Football Association for criticising a referee and publicly admonished Chelsea medic Eva Carneiro, who subsequently left the club. Mourinho has once again grabbed the headlines for being accused by a 14-year-old schoolboy of shoving him on a street in London.

A footage by the boy has gone viral on the internet and it shows the Portuguese coach walking through the high-end shopping district of Knightsbridge whilst speaking on his mobile phone. When the manager realizes that he is being filmed, he appears to move towards the camera and tries to cover the lens.

The boy who captured Mourinho on camera was teenager Otto Nahmmacher, whose father afterward told Kickbola that the Blues boss is ‘losing the plot’.

“I did not say a word to him. He walked over to me, then he pushed me." Otto alleged on Kickbola Network.

Apparently, the incident was filmed in West London on Sunday, right after the day Chelsea secured a 2-0 victory over Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge this weekend. Following the incident, Chelsea have been contacted for a comment. 

The reigning English Champions were in action last night in the Champions League against Dynamo Kiev. They failed to secure a much-needed victory as the match ended goalless at the final whistle. Chelsea have now secured a total of 4 points in three Champions League group matches.

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